A life motto ?

Creating a symbol for yourself

How do you symbolize yourself?
A life motto? A favorite saying? A favorite image? Or your name?

For example, what do you think of if you decided to get tattoo? You would think of some images that symbolize yourself.
You would also think of a name of yours or of your beloved. You would also be committed to the details such as styles and fonts.
You would definitely think of who to ask.
If the tattooist is terrible, your beautiful ideas will be ruined for sure.

The real meaning of Japanese seals is exactly the same as tattoos.
They create a symbol for and overall impression of yourself.
The only difference is where it is placed!!

In the West, a personal or even a digital signature is required for any type of contract, document or official certification, but in Japan the use of “hanko” is common.
These are round or square stamps on which the ideograms of the owner’s name are engraved.

There is no businessman, nor ordinary citizen, who does not have his/her own personal “hanko” to validate the various economic transactions and any kinds of contracts for houses, cell-phones, etc. Even foreigners who live in Japan must have one to have access to the simplest banking operations.



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