Next important to life ?

Used for authorization of public documents

Seals, called “hanko” in Japanese, were born about 7,000 years ago to be used for authorization of written documents by emperors and aristocratic family members for public matters.
During the 17th century, merchants started to use seals for business contracts and also ordinary citizens started to possess their own as well.
As seals guaranteed their properties, they have been regarded as the second most important thing after life for Japanese people.

If you prioritize ease and convenience, you don’t have to be particular about the details of seals.
You can even get one in dollar stores. (We assume they are available only in 100-yen shops in Japan, though!)
In fact, cheap mass-produced seals destroyed the traditional market.

Seal making is one of the important traditions of Japan that has a long history.
The culture of seals has overcome various crises including the modernization of the country and the revolution of mass production.
Can it overcome this latest crisis caused by COVID-19?
If you knew the true meaning of seals, we think you would feel like supporting this culture no matter where you live on the earth.



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