Seals for authentication, focus  of criticism

Has the expiration date of the culture of seals finally come?

In 2020, the world is facing one of the worst crises ever, COVID-19.
Needless to say, it interferes with our ability to be in close physical contact with others, which most of us depended upon.
COVID-19 is changing our daily lives and our values.
In particular, many situations where the physical presence was indispensable are now considered risky.
Thanks to the evolution of internet, we can continue the communication via screens and we can work while staying at home.

In Japan, the culture of using seals for authentication has become the focus of criticism in Japan, where almost all of the official documents need to be sealed for authorization.
Even under the isolation and quarantine, some people have had to go to the office just to authorize documents by sealing them, as digital signatures or hanko/seals was considered invalid.
Realizing this critical situation, the new government, which started in September, have started their engines and are revving up to change this “old” custom.

Since ancient times, many customs have been created and have since gone extinct.
Has the expiration date of the culture of seals finally come?

If the raison d’être of seals were just for authorization and acknowledgement, it would be better substituted by signatures or digital sealing.
But is that all??



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