Can You Be a Supporter of Japanese Seals ?

In order to make the Japanese Seals sustainable, Taiseki wants to spread them all over the world including the places where there is no “sealing culture” or where it has vanished into history’s memory. As he believes that the “raison d’être” of the seals is to symbolize yourselves, there ain’t no mountain high enough!

If you have any kinds of ideas that could realize with his techniques for making “hanko” (Japanese seals), please fill in the questionnaire below.

10 (max) people whose ideas are adopted will receive the rights to make their original seal from Taiseki free of charge.
(In case several people propose the same idea, the winners will be selected country wise.)

All the participants will receive 10% discount for their future order!

If you want to support Taiseki by promoting his new products and services through your social network account, please let us know.
You will be selected as Official Supporters of Taiseki and you will receive 50% discount for your future order.
Join the monitor recruitment campaign before Feb 28, 2021!

The selection results will be announced personally.



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